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Delivering generous scoops of positivity around the world is serious business


The Ice Cream Dream Foundation team is a group of people that find themselves incapable of staying indifferent to the cause of giving children around the world a happy childhood. We are united by the common goal of bringing small moments of joy to the children who need it the most. Also, we have teams of volunteers eager to share the feeling of happiness at our events worldwide.




I founded the Ice Cream Dream Foundation in 2016. My passion and goals are to share ice cream with children and let them experience something every child should experience during their childhood.

Putting a smile on a child’s face and letting them understand that their future is bright is what I want to do.

My role is to take care of the day to day running and operation of the foundation as well as the involvement with partnerships.

I dream of travelling on an ice cream truck and spreading happiness through ice cream with children around the world and specifically in India.




As one of the partners of a medium sized law firm with international clients, I provide services to SMEs and large organizations in a variety of industries both related to commercial issues, but also corporate social responsibility.

My role is ensuring that the board continuously pursues the purpose and goals of the foundation and complies with its legal obligations.

As a mother of two grown children, I love that by being a member of the board, in one way or another, I am able to help children who are in need and provide them with a moment of joy and smiles in their life, and strengthen their trust in fellow human beings while doing so!




Having started my professional life in the kitchen, I became General Manager in a variety of countries before taking over regional and finally, global roles. Today, I oversee the Northern Europe region for Accor. Food & Beverage is my main passion. 


In my role as a Director of the Ice Cream Dream Foundation, I see myself as the ambassador to bring in new partners, supporting our purposes and to widen our network to make more and more children benefit from our Foundation.

At the Ice Cream Dream Foundation, I have found the perfect purpose for me to contribute as I strongly believe that we can only achieve a better tomorrow by addressing the most open and creative members of our society: the children.




I am currently completing my final year of University studying Law in the UK. The area I have been most interested in is Human Rights since it is something that has always touched me very deeply.

I have volunteered in various countries in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia where I have been working with children in schools and orphanages. I actively participate in various fundraising activities for

underprivileged children.


I wish for children all over the world to be positive, happy and to know that the world cares for them. Together, we can put smiles on their faces and work towards giving a brighter future for all.


MPS Puri and Maria Nekrich take care of the day to day operational management

of the foundation as well as the involvement with partnerships.

Monika Naef is the custodian of the administrative, judiciary and financial responsibilities of the foundation. She works with Duncan, Maria and Puri on the positioning, marketing and involvement with partnerships.


Duncan O'Rourke is in charge of helping with the positioning, marketing as

well as the promotion of the foundation and welcoming new partners. He is actively involved in expanding our network and allowing us to share ice cream with more children.


As the foundation evolves and enters into sponsorships or partnerships in various jurisdictions, in various countries, we need to ensure we comply with the relevant laws and jurisdictions.

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